Urology Specialists of the Lehigh Valley *

  • Created PHP/MySQL-based content management system.
  • Worked with graphic designer to develop and convert site mockups into standards-compliant XHTML/CSS.
  • Worked closely with USLV staff to create quality content.

Teresa Anne Mullin Memorial Fund

  • Created PHP/MySQL-based content management system.
  • Integrated with PayPal to provide donation-based digital media.
  • Designed site layout.

Urologic Associates of Allentown *

  • Created PHP/MySQL-based content management system.
  • Designed site layout.

Muhlenberg Department of Mathematics & Computer Science *

  • Created PHP/MySQL-based content management system.
  • Designed site layout.

Muhlenberg Theatre Association *

  • Created PHP/MySQL-based content management solution to update content to server via FTP that didn’t have PHP available.
  • Designed site layout.

* These websites have been redesigned since I created them originally. The second URL has a partial snapshot of the site as I designed it.

Other Projects

iPather (Interactive Rock Band Pather)

  • Web application to help gamers achieve higher scores in Rock Band.
  • Front end is LAMP-based and utilizes the CakePHP framework (http://cakephp.org/).
  • Back end for score calculation and image generation is Java/Swing-based and runs within Tomcat (http://tomcat.apache.org/).
  • PHP/Java Bridge (http://php-java-bridge.sourceforge.net/) connects front and back ends.
  • Accounts for most factors that affect the player’s score within the game.

JSHManager (Java ScoreHero Manager)

  • Open-source, Java-based program to provide easier navigation of ScoreHero (http://www.scorehero.com), a community site focused on the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games that provides score tracking and comparison facilities.
  • ScoreHero’s existing site can be slow and cumbersome at times. JSHManager allows offline score recording and bulk submission without needing to continually reload web pages.
  • ScoreHero has no API/XML feeds so JSHManager scrapes data from HTML (http://htmlparser.sourceforge.net) and submits via a Java HTTP client (http://hc.apache.org/httpclient-3.x).
  • Utilizes HSQLDB (http://hsqldb.org) and Hibernate (http://www.hibernate.org) to store data.
  • Over 2,800 total downloads (across all versions) to date.

Virtual Environment

  • PHP/MySQL based system to prototype a simple, easy to use, web-based virtual tour application.
    Similar to the idea of what Google Street View is now.
  • Presented at CCSCNE (Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges, northeast) in 2006