A Little About Tim

Hello, I’m Tim Mullin, a software developer, web developer, and all around computer nut originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania (as in the Billy Joel song, even though it’s arguably more about Bethlehem). My passion for web development spurs from my desire to be creative in a way others will find useful and innovative through a medium that has so greatly changed the course of human history. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Muhlenberg College in 2007 and my Masters in Information Systems from DeSales University in January 2012.

I enjoy most types of video games. The rich, immersive narratives that first/third person shooters and role playing games tell are compelling for their interactive nature, in contrast to the static experiences of television and film. Rhythm and puzzle games reward the application of cunning, timing, and intuition to overcome challenges. As far as non-video games are concerned, bowling, pool, pinball, foosball, and baseball all have their own intricacies that, at times, put the player squarely in control, providing an awesome sense of accomplishment when you make that perfect shot. At other times however, uncertain randomness can creep in, adding excitement and keeping them interesting.

Outside of gaming, I sometimes like to cook, with an affinity for Alton Brown’s precise and scientific approach. The transformation of basic ingredients into a favorite dish is always satisfying and comforting. I’ve also dabbled in photography, such as the header image of this site, in an attempt to remind myself of the feelings a particular moment inspired. Another favorite hobby is scuba diving—I am a PADI certified Open Water Diver. When diving, nothing above the water matters. You can truly focus and reflect on the beauty of nature.

While I am a die hard classic rock fan, many genres of music appeal to me. Few forms of art have the same impact as music. No matter how simple or complex, the emotion music can evoke transcends the mere sounds that comprise it. Some of my favorite artists include Pink Floyd, Rush, The Who, John Denver, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, and Ben Folds Five.

If you’d like to get a hold of me, my email address is tim@tmullin.net.